Posted by: Sarah Lee | November 17, 2009

Blogging all over the world

This blog has moved! As nice as is there’s a new all singing and dancing Sarah Lee travels blog waiting to inspire you with travel tales, ideas, deals and lots of fun stuff. So stop hanging around here and click the link above to come on over and take a look…

So here I go – taking my first blogging steps. Having enjoyed the travel stories of fellow bloggers and taken inspiration from them, I plan to share my travel highs and lows – hopefully mostly highs.

I’m not going to tell you what I had for breakfast on my last trip – unless it’s particularly scrumptious! Instead I plan to deliver some of the latest travel news, views and naturally send postcards from my trips in a bid to transport you there, and offer up some inside tips on my favourite destinations.

I feel the need to focus in on certain areas of travel to avoid the “what makes your blog different?” question. This has proved difficult – focus isn’t always my strong point and let’s be clear – I LOVE TRAVELLING! All of it… well, except for the bit when you land in Athens for your connecting flight to London to hear your luggage is still in Mykonos. But back to the love stuff – I’m the sort of person that plans destinations to visit two years in advance (i.e. South Africa and New Zealand, 2011), that uses the in-flight magazine on the plane home as vital research for my next trip. But I’ll try my best, and for want of a better term here is my blog manifesto:

  1. If you love champagne but only have lemonade pockets this blog’s for you. I like travelling in style, (though low cost airlines are by no means off limits – except one but perhaps I’ll blog about that later). For me it’s about getting the best value from your lavish stay, so expect talk of luxury hotels and resorts, tips on the best deals around and ways to save money on your bookings.
  2. As a travel writer, journalist and editor I am always on the look-out for an angle – from the sublime to the ridiculous – so expect a curious take on the world.
  3. Though travel, hotels and cruising are my mainstay interests I’m an expert in shared ownership (that’s timeshare and fractionals to most). I’m also a bit of a techie geek and lover of great photography so I might go off topic occasionally. But consider it all part of life’s rich tapestry, who knows, you might even discover something you like about a little known (but also much loved) way to travel, or find a lifesaving iPhone application for when you need to order dinner from a menu in Esperanto.

That’s about it for now. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and hearing your comments. Happy travelling!

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  1. Hey good to hear you have done this! Look forward to reading about your travels. I certainly have champagne tastes and lemonade pockets…

  2. I look forward to reading your blogs.

  3. interesting..

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