Posted by: Sarah Lee | November 18, 2009

It’s a wonderful travel world

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I’m definitely feeling the love. The love of a global community. But don’t fear I’m not about to roll out a choir of dewy-eyed children and break into strains of Heal the World.
Instead I’m writing this post in celebration of a fantastic community of passionate, outgoing, worldly, knowledgable and incredible people in the online travel world.
I only really first discovered the breadth of this community last week. I’ve been chatting to many travel people on twitter for the past few months, but last week many of them from around the world converged on London for World Travel Market (WTM). Then two events – traveltweetup and travel blogcamp saw tweeters and bloggers come together to get to know each other in a way that 140 characters cannot allow, exchange ideas and talk about their number one passion – I figure you know what this is by now.

To say these events were inspiring is an understatement – for a start they helped me turn attention to my long-neglected blog. Best of all though they revealed to me what an interesting group of people there are out there in twitter/blogland each with brillant insights to share, support to offer and an incredible source of travel knowledge. The epitome of a great community.

Added to this, on launching my blog yesterday a number of these same people and others who I haven’t yet met sent congratulatory tweets, retweets and messages of goodwill. So for that, and providing unerring support, knowledge and contacts when you need them in a hurry – I thank you all.

The whole thing got me thinking – this terrific source of travel inspiration and support is there for the taking. If you want the inside track on Europe – Europe a la Carte’s bound to be up your street, fancy a rollercoaster world tour – check out Wild Junket, if you’re a woman travelling alone Solo Traveler’s blog is there for you, want travel without the gloss look no further than Grumpy Traveller, or rant and rave with Travel Rants, if you have a keen interest in how railways shaped modern Africa check out Steel Safari or for those with permanant wanderlust (that would be me then!) there’s Sharing Travel Experiences and Matador Network.

This is the tiniest selection of the great number of travel blogs out there and of course the online travel community communicates across many, many platforms such as WAYN, Facebook and Twitter. I personally find the most lively and immediate travel debate on twitter and have created a travelling twits list which I’ll be expanding with some of the best on twitter.

This rich, engaging online travel community is out there for everyone with itchy feet so get involved and lets inspire each other.

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  1. Hi Sarah, Thanks very much for mentioning Europe a la Carte. I also attended both the traveltweetup ad the travelblogcamp during the WTM and it was great to meet up with the real people behind the blogs and tweets. Although amazingly enough everyone I met came across much as I’d imagined from their online outpourings.

    • Yes, even on twitter it’s amazing how much personality can be communicated in just 140 characters actually.

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