Posted by: Sarah Lee | January 28, 2010

Perfect property partners

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This week I’m in Tenerife, a mecca for shared ownership (timeshare and fractional) in Europe. The island has a long history in shared ownership holidays but this type of accommodation is growing in popularity worldwide.

Before travelling to Tenerife I attended a lunch at Mosimann’s in London hosted by The Hideaways Club, an international luxury investment club, at which they launched a partnership with Banyan Tree Private Collection.

The partnership sees Banyan Tree, one of the world’s finest hospitality brands join forces with The Hideaways Club to offer clients an expanded portfolio of luxury holiday properties.

One of my fellow diners at the lunch asked me if, given that the two brands were large enough concerns on their own, this was a slightly desperate act in a down economy, perhaps on the part of one company or the other, or both.
But I see it differently. I think the two companies are perfect partners because each needs what the other has.

The Hideaways Club is an upscale offering, in a largely upscale market, featuring 25 (and rising) fractional-styled properties worldwide. What it lacks is the big brand name.

Banyan Tree however is renowned for its quality hotels, but little known of the collection of nine stylish properties in its destination club. As relative newcomers to the fractional industry The Hideaways Club benefits from Banyan Tree’s brand recognition, while Banyan Tree grows its property portfolio by more than 250%.

If I was an owner with either of these clubs I’d have seen the worth of my property investment grow exponentially in what is a pretty bold move by the two companies.

This type of cross-branding is happening elsewhere in shared ownership and hospitality as well as with other lifestyle brands. With the global economy still floundering this is good for business, while for the consumer it surely means more choice and a chance to join the dots between your favourite travel and lifestyle brands.

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