In short

My passion for travel:

  • Love discovering new places (mostly abroad, but have a new found appreciation for the UK).
  • Love going somewhere new and sometimes off the beaten track.
  • Love learning about other cultures and meeting people the world over.
  • Love coming away from a place feeling that I’ve learned something – whether its about the country, or myself.
  • Love staying at great hotels (I’m a home comforts sort of a traveller).

About this blog: Travel news, reviews, features, experiences, fun, wanderlust, hotels, destinations, travel planning, deals, planes, trains, automobiles.

About me: Journalist, editor, photographer, consumer travel, business travel, destination feature writer.

Favourite places: Thailand, South Africa, Spain (Barcelona, Malaga, Ibiza), Italy (Rome, Rome, Rome!), New York, New Orleans, Mexico, Cuba… I could go on and on.

Want to know more?

I am a freelance travel writer and editor, committed to providing inspirational editorial – my main website is: www.sarahleetravels.com. I write for a number of publications and websites and am a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers and Travelwriters UK.

Something of a travel obsessive, I have visited many countries and thrive on the excitement and challenging experiences that it can bring.

In addition to writing destination features, I write about the travel industry and am an expert in timeshare and fractional ownership. I’m also a keen photographer with an eye for an engaging shot and love seeing other people’s photography.

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